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Jeddah Reef (Red Sea)

It is considered the first destination in Saudi Arabia due to Hope of Spring Dive that offers great services by offering the necessary diving gear and cylinders with great costs Hope Of Spring take-in divers every day from early morning throughout the week and earmark Friday and Tuesday for night diving from 6 am until 9 pm.

Diving in Jeddah Reef is a great opportunity to meet large number of divers or to join local diving groups which allow diver to gain new experiences. everyone else even if they are not divers can enjoy sea view or snorkeling or join diving courses with well qualified trainers in diving center and divers enjoying meet more than 350 kind of corals, coral reef fish, Eels and octopus and they can play with Clown fish (nemo fish) in Clusters and in some seasons you can see Tunas, Sea Turtles and many kinds of Ray.

Depth in this area starts from 9 m and increase until 40m on the large coral reef and then you will find the sandy bottom that decline until 63m and then there is a clef to a large depth.
You can dive in this place around the year and you can meet divers from other nationalities, local divers are 50% and the others are from different nationalities so you can find groups form different countries and that allows to exchange experiences and knowing other types of diving and arrange for dives.

The reef could be crowded in vacations but it’s acceptable and divers can enjoy practicing their hobbies freely. there is a restaurant serving meals and a cafeteria for refreshments, snacks and hot and cold drinks.

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