From Passion to Life

Scuba diving professionals driven by the passion to explore, educate, and protect the underwater world. With this shared passion for adventure, discovery, & protection the two individuals Rabih & Issam empower their movement towards the protection of corals and marine life by commitment while dedicating their knowledge & media production experience to bring awareness to the audience.

The Purpose

Our mission is to help the world breathe by restoring coral reefs & bringing them back to life.


Marie-Laure Boulot

Founder of Ocean Attitude

Rabih I. El-HabEr

Marketing Director & Digital Media Coral Restoration Program


Coral Restoration Program coordinates local coral nursery establishment, maintenance, outplant, and monitor with its partners in the region. Assist with training local partners, develop and implement criteria for restoration, nursery site selection, harvesting corals from source populations, growing corals in nurseries, outplant corals to reefs, and monitor the success of restoration. Our aim is to be a leader in the creation of educational materials to assist more recreational divers to become involved with scientific diving to help protect the reefs and its inhabitants. Provide opportunities to establish partnerships between scientists, marine resources, businesses, and coastal communities that depend on health reefs.

The Purpose

Build and create coral nursery structures. Locate appropriate sites for coral nurseries onshore & underwater. Train individuals to maintain coral nurseries. Train to outplant corals grown in nurseries. Market coral nurseries for educational, recreational, or scientific purposes. Educate divers to become Coral Rescue Divers. Provide divers with the foundation to become involved with coral restoration. Gather scientific data and research on coral restoration including genetics, growth, and temperature logging. Monitor out planted sites to check survivorship and reef health.

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