What’s so special about scuba diving in Jeddah?

Or, why scuba diving in Saudi Arabia is emerging as a must-dive destination

We’ve all got one. That one diver friend who returns from a holiday abroad with photos and videos of beautiful dive sites and exotic-looking fish.

Most of the time, it’s hard to share the same enthusiasm, but occasionally a story, a location or photo sparks our interest.

Such as scuba diving in Jeddah.

Admittedly, diving in Saudi Arabia is not on many divers’ bucket lists.

But why shouldn’t it be? 

With picture-perfect visibility all year round, warm waters and all of the amazing marine life you’d expect to find in the Red Sea, there are plenty of good reasons to dive in Jeddah.

The Al Lith dive site being one of them. 

Here’s why…

Foto by Sebastian Pena Lambarri

Whale sharks. Whale sharks. Whale sharks

Emerging from the sea bed, the massive coral reef of Al Lith is a Red Sea whale shark hotspot

Between March, April, May and June, you’re almost guaranteed to spot whale sharks gathering in large numbers.

And while there are more popular dive sites near Jeddah, such as Yanbu – known as the pearl of the Red Sea – Al Lith is for adventurers on the pursuit of diving or swimming with the largest fish in the sea.

Did you know?

There are only a few specific locations around the world where whale sharks aggregate. Still relatively unknown, Al Lith is almost a secret location to spot whale sharks in the crystal-clear, uncrowded waters of the Red Sea.

Photo by John A El Khoury

An eco-diving location

Al Lith is not just a Red Sea whale diving hotspot; it’s also a whale shark sanctuary for researchers and organisations committed to studying and protecting marine life.

Hope of Spring Diving Center – a PADI 5* dive centre and resort in Saudi Arabia – is also taking an active role in promoting responsible marine tourism to preserve nature and make wildlife experiences more authentic and scuba diving in Saudi Arabia more alluring. 

All this translates into pristine waters bursting with hard and soft colours of all shapes and sizes, and more fish than you can count.

Peaceful conditions by John A El Khoury
Unimaginable colors by John A El Khoury

A diver’s dream destination

For thrilling whale sharks encounters, Al Lith is a rare treat for advanced divers in the Red Sea. Just a short boat ride away, divers can get up close to these gentle giants and watch them as they majestically glide through the water.

Novice divers needn’t worry about missing out either. The dive site’s excellent visibility and calm waters make for easy shore entry dives and shallow reef dives.

Photo by John A El Khoury

So, why go scuba diving in Jeddah?

With Saudi Arabia opening its doors to tourism [link], scuba diving in Jeddah is one of the fastest-growing diving destinations in the world where you can see the pure beauty of the Red Sea.

It’s an opportunity of a lifetime that will satisfy diving enthusiasts and leave them begging for more.

Want in? 

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