A concept where comfort, safety, and ocean conservation meet. 

Welcome to Hope of Spring dive center, Saudi Arabia’s first PADI  dive resort that caters to all divers, regardless of their experience or diver level. We pride ourselves in offering our guests a professional and relaxed atmosphere, while giving back to the ocean all we can to ensure the future generation of divers can enjoy the same beauty this pristine paradise offers us today. 

With our focus on customer service, we take Saudi hospitality to a new level, where we will put all our efforts into making you feel at home. Thanks to our highly qualified staff & scuba diving professionals, we guarantee an extraordinary and safe diving holiday. All you will be asked to do is relax, breathe and equalize so you can enjoy the unique diving experiences we offer along the entire Saudi coast.



Your happiness is what drives our business. With our private beach, stunning house reef, and convenient logistics we create unbeatable & exclusive diving experiences for everyone. Prepare yourself to be pampered like never before.


Educational projects, plastic-free trips & coral restoration programs. We actively participate and invest in initiatives that contribute to the ocean's well-being, because we firmly believe that a healthy ocean makes a happy planet.


Your safety is our priority. All our staff has first aid and emergency oxygen training, while our facilities & boats are equipped with emergency O2, first aid kits & safety equipment. Diving equipment and compressors are serviced regularly by our official technician.


Name: Rabih Haber
Title: Staff Instructor & Tech Instructor

A note from The Owner

Dear guests,
thank you for getting this far and taking the time to consider Hope of Spring and Saudi Arabia as your future scuba diving destination. This dive center is a project born out of the love that both my wife and myself have for the ocean and sport diving.
We have carefully incorporated features and services that we have personally experienced around the world to create what we believe is the ultimate dive operation for every type of diver.
We have created Hope of Spring with the intention of being more than a business, but a place that connects individuals with the ocean, and a community of friends and family that shares their passion for the ocean and its conservation. The dedicated staff & myself are here to listen and help make your stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a cherished memory to come back to, over and over again. Welcome to diving in equilibrium, welcome to Hope of Spring.

Our Installations


Rabih Haber

Instructor & Owner

Alie Ayoub

Instructor & Head of Operations

Julius Mark

Sales Representative

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